The All-New Omega Seamaster 300M Black Black

There is simply no denying that Omega is amongst the best of the best in the Swiss Haute Horlogerie. But this title has to be retained and the process of retaining this title is not as simple as it seems. Omega has to constantly step up its game and that is exactly what it has done with the launch of the new Seamaster 300M Black Black.

New Omega Seamaster 300M Black Black
You might think that there is a typo of some sorts but no. The name is strategic in the sense that it represents the use of an all-black colour theme. Every component that could have been made in black ceramic or zirconium oxide has been made in the said material. The case, the bezel, the crown, and even the HEV are made out of black ceramic. The watch is a true beauty in aspects as it emphasizes of the use of the black colour that eventually enhances the style quotient of the already sophisticated Seamaster 300M.

Ceramic is a material that is known for its attraction to finger prints. Any ceramic top replica watches user would know this by now. You have to wipe the surface off every now and then in order to clear the stockpile of fingerprints on the surface. Omega, however, has a solution for this problem. The Swiss watchmaker uses four different types of finishes in for each ceramic component. This was done to prevent the watch from accumulating fingerprints and eventually ruining the aesthetic of the gorgeous timepiece.
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Engineers at Omega used a laser-ablated finish on the bezel that creates the diving scale in positive relief. However at the same time it applies a different texture to the timepiece’s bezel that is aimed at preventing fingerprints from sticking.

Another fun fact about the ceramic used in the Omega Seamaster 300M Black Black is that it is black ceramic. Ceramic is usually white but Omega turned it black by adding iron to it and then heating it at a temperature of 1,400 degrees Celcius.

The first thing that strikes the eye is the use of the black colour palette. One might think that legibility would be an issue and that is a perfectly legitimate question. After all, what is a watch worth if it does not do a watch’s job? Omega answered this question by stating that legibility was the primary concern during the timepiece’s design and engineering phases.

The watch was developed with the use of lasers to provide distinct finishes to various parts of the watch in order to improve legibility. The sculpted aesthetic of the rolex replica watches also provides a boost in readability.

Omega has honestly done a great job with the Seamaster Black Black. To be frank, playing with different materials has always been up Omega’s sleeve and this watch is no different. Take the tungsten chrome cases and the gold flightmaster references from the 1970s, for instances. You can also take the Omega Speedmaster «Dark Side Of The Moon» Black Black watch as a reference.

To think of it, James Bond never had a Seamaster timepiece for the all-black outfits he uses during tactical missions. Well, in 2022 he does. Welcome to a new era of Bond timepieces.